New Outlook Link in Goldmine 2017


There have been several exciting enhancements to Goldmine in the latest 2017 release, one of which is the new link to Outlook, and since a picture speaks a thousand words, I thought it best to go one step further and showcase a video demonstrating this powerful new capability.

In a nutshell, you can auto link emails received (or sent) in Outlook to Goldmine Contact History, as well as sync calendars and contacts…it is very slick – check it out below!


Author: Ravi Lal

I have worked on several CRM projects and have found that keeping technology simple, makes it most effective. It’s easy to get carried away with bells and whistles but if you want good user adoption then just make it easy to use and tackle your main issues. These products get to the heart of the matter, don’t cost the Earth, can be implemented quickly and will achieve most of what you need straight out of the box. I am passionate about disrupting Sales & Marketing with innovative technology….connect with me on Skype (ravilal2005), Whatsapp (+447747599294/+971506449083) or Email


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