GoldMine Premium

Product Description

GoldMine Premium Edition, the latest release to the award winning GoldMine CRM Solutions product line. GoldMine Premium Edition: Gain insight, increase knowledge…achieve better results!

A Customer Relationship Management Solution should provide you real-time access to your customer facing team’s processes, as well as an easy, quick view into the sate of your clients’ interactions. Static reports and analysis in the past were acceptable, but with today’s constant changing business landscape and the ever growing need for information, instant views into your data is vital for you to make those important day to day decisions. With Goldmine, you can do just that!

New GoldMine features are developed to help you better manage your business information needs with a complete set of visual dashboards across all CRM functionality. Goldmine has pre-built dashboard parts for marketing automation,

sales force automation and customer service business processes, and, clients have the ability to configure their own dashboard parts that match their specific CRM procedures. Goldmine also supports robust integration into the worlds most commonly used activity and email management tool, Microsoft Outlook. GoldMine also integrates with Constant Contact, for running and reporting on Email Campaigns. Now, GoldMine users can visually analyze the state of their business for better decision making in addition to improved client relationship tracking and user productivity.

GoldMine Premium Edition supports all your sales, marketing and customer service business needs through powerful customer relationship management features, including relationship management, marketing automation, sales force automation, and customer service and support administration.

GoldMine Premium Edition will positively impact your productivity, customer relationship capabilities, and will continue to help you better manage your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts.


Author: Ravi Lal

I have worked on several CRM projects and have found that keeping technology simple, makes it most effective. It’s easy to get carried away with bells and whistles but if you want good user adoption then just make it easy to use and tackle your main issues. These products get to the heart of the matter, don’t cost the Earth, can be implemented quickly and will achieve most of what you need straight out of the box. I am passionate about disrupting Sales & Marketing with innovative technology….connect with me on Skype (ravilal2005), Whatsapp (+447747599294/+971506449083) or Email