About Us

We provide consultancy services to assist organisations manage their customers and cash flow, by leveraging well proven and easy-to-use technology.

Most organisations have islands of information which is difficult to analyse, report on and keep secure. This valuable data is spread across various departments and employees, often in spreadsheets, email systems and even good old business cards.

Ask yourself a few questions:

What happens to this data when an employee leaves the organisation?
How secure is your customer information?
Have you empowered your employees to be organised and productive?
Is information being shared to enhance customer experience?
Are you still sending out Quotations using word processors/spreadsheets?
Are you submitting or waiting for time consuming manual reports?
Do you have clear visibility on all activities?
How accurate is your sales forecasting and cash flow?
Are Sales and Service sharing information?
Is Finance automated and integrated with Sales transactions?

If any of these questions raise alarm bells, or if you just wish to work smarter, then we can help! There are a variety of solutions that target CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), Bookkeeping and Accounts – we work with reputed world-class products from manufacturers like FrontRange (GoldMine) and Sage (Sage ACT & Sage 50 Accounts), with multi-million users worldwide.

Our Accredited Consultants are available to offer advice, training and technical support. With offices in UK, UAE and India, we are able to support a widely- spread customer base, and have also invested in advanced web collaboration tools for audio, video, file sharing and remote access.